TV 10 都市男女


2003 Comedy 27 min Play
TV 8.9 Fights Break Sphere

Fights Break Sphere

In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything. His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?

NR Tencent Video
2017 Action 25 min Play
TV 0 Wrong Carriage Right Groom

Wrong Carriage Right Groom

During the Tang Dynasty in Yangzhou, two beautiful ladies are due to marry on the same day. Du Bing Yan will wed the seriously ill Qi Tian Lei, the third and prodigal son of the Qi Mansion, while Li Yu Hu must marry the bandit Yuan Bu Qu, who recently kidnapped her martial artist father. En route to their respective grooms' homes, both brides visit the Temple of the Mountain God, which suddenly erupts into flames. In the ensuing chaos, each boards the other's marriage sedan! How will they ...

NR Youku
2023 Comedy min Play
TV 0 One Step Toward Freedom

One Step Toward Freedom

Our Main Character was transported to another world and the first thing that happened thing to him was that he was forced into a marriage to allow a woman to inherit a family Heritage. A Magic Scroll enters the head of the main character and the adventure for him begins. Through continuous CULTIVATION Yao Yan climbs up the ladder of power to challenge many enemies and even some eventual friends for varying rewards.

NR Tencent Video
2020 Action 12 min Play
5.7 One Week Friends

One Week Friends

A new transfer student, Lin Xiangzhi (Zhao Jinmai), who is quiet and intelligent but always alone, does not make friends with the other students. However, she attracts the attention of Xu Youshu (Lin Yi), a scum of the class. In the process of trying to befriend Lin Xiangzhi, he, the eccentric Song Xiaonan (Shen Yue) and the cool-headed Jiang Wu (Wang Jiahui) discover Lin Xiangzhi's secret, that she suffers from a special disease and her memory of her friends is only seven days.

2022 Drama 106 min Play
7.2 Deep Sea

Deep Sea

Shenxiu has felt a deep sadness since her mother left. A storm plunges her into a dreamlike, 3D world of swirling colour. Led by the Hyjinx, and joined by inventive underwater chef Nanhe, she embarks on a quest to find solace in the Eye of the Deep Sea.

2023 Adventure 105 min Play
8 Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends

Have you ever wondered how you will age? Four 60-year-olds, two twilight loves, their love is kind and pure, romantic and intense. In this limited journey of life, before it is too late, one wants to say "I love you!

2023 Drama 116 min Play
0 Dust To Dust

Dust To Dust

2023 Drama 0 min Play
5.8 Lost in the Stars

Lost in the Stars

He Fei's wife, Li Muzi, disappears during their anniversary trip. When she reappears, he insists that she is not his wife. As Chen Mai, a top lawyer gets involved in this bizarre case, more mysteries start to emerge.

2023 Crime 122 min Play
7.3 Cloudy Mountain

Cloudy Mountain

The opening of the new tunnel, which took ten years to build, coincided with a series of serious cataclysms. The lives of 160,000 people depend on the actions of two people, a father and a son.

2021 Action 114 min Play
7.4 No More Bets

No More Bets

A depressed programmer and a model decide to seek gold as a seemingly good job opportunity, but they inadvertently become involved in a well-planned Internet scam.

2023 Crime 130 min Play
8.2 Better Days

Better Days

A bullied teenage girl forms an unlikely friendship with a mysterious young man who protects her from her assailants, while she copes with the pressures of her final examinations.

2019 Drama 135 min Play
8.2 Wolfwalkers


In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and nature an evil to be tamed, a young apprentice hunter comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack. But when she saves a wild native girl, their friendship leads her to discover the world of the Wolfwalkers and transform her into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy.

2020 Adventure 103 min Play
8.3 Green Snake

Green Snake

While trying to free her sister from Fahai's clutches, Xiao Qing winds up in a dystopian city and meets a mysterious man who can't recall his past life.

2021 Action 131 min Play
8.4 The Legend of Hei

The Legend of Hei

When cat spirit Luo Xiaohei's home is deforested by humans, he must find a new one. He runs into a group of other spirit creatures who take him under their wing with dreams of reconquering the land they say is rightfully theirs. However, they run into a human known as Wuxian who separates Luo Xiaohei from the other spirits and the two go on a journey, with the cat spirit learning to control his abilities as well as forming his own thoughts on whether or not he should ally with the spirits ...

2019 Action 102 min Play
7.2 The Wandering Earth II

The Wandering Earth II

Humans built huge engines on the surface of the earth to find a new home. But the road to the universe is perilous. In order to save earth, young people once again have to step forward to start a race against time for life and death.

2023 Action 173 min Play
TV 6.6 Love Stories in the Countryside

Love Stories in the Countryside

NR Tencent Video
2006 Comedy 45 min Play
TV 8 All The Way To The Sun

All The Way To The Sun

After graduating from Beijing, Li Mujia, a girl Beijing drifter, entered the most well-known law firm and worked hard to become a leading lawyer from an administrative assistant. Mujia met the market elite Li Guang, and their relationship had undergone several twists and turned as they grow rapidly. Mujia's best friend Tian Rong failed to apply for a job after graduation and accidentally became a real estate agent. She hastily married a Beijing boy named Li Wanbing, which put her career and ...

2023 Drama 45 min Play
TV 8.4 Legend of the Undercover Chef

Legend of the Undercover Chef

This drama tells the story of Ximen Changhai, head of the Magpie Saber Sect, who is determined to eradicate the wokou pirates and joins a secret plan to do so. To prevent his plans from leaking out, Ximen Changhai brought his brother, Ximen Changzai, a cook, to the Magpie Saber Sect to become the acting sect head, and as affairs within the Sect changed, an amusing martial arts story started within the sect.

NR Tencent Video
2023 Comedy min Play
8.2 Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

Based on the most well-known classical fantasy novel of China, Fengshenyanyi, the trilogy is a magnificent eastern high fantasy epic that recreates the prolonged mythical wars between humans, immortals and monsters, which happened more than three thousand years ago.

2023 Fantasy 148 min Play
6.2 The Meg

The Meg

A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.

2018 Action 113 min Play
7.8 Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie

Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie

A life of an ordinary Parisian teenager Marinette goes superhuman when she becomes Ladybug. Bestowed with magical powers of creation, Ladybug must unite with her opposite, Cat Noir, to save Paris as a new villain unleashes chaos unto the city.

2023 Action 107 min Play
7.0 Hidden Strike

Hidden Strike

Two elite soldiers must escort civilians through a gauntlet of gunfire and explosions.

2023 Action 103 min Play
6.9 The Monkey King

The Monkey King

A stick-wielding monkey teams with a young girl on an epic quest for immortality, battling demons, dragons, gods — and his own ego — along the way.

2023 Adventure 92 min Play